Michael Bay’s latest take on the classic toy line hits theaters! Rock ‘Em Sock’Em Robots 4 in IMAX3D is here and Pop and Schlock has the rundown. Jake is joined by his brother John to discuss this bloated endurance test of a “film.”

We’re Back!

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Podcasts

Jacob checks in to reboot the podcast and get everything back on track. Sorry we’ve been gone so long, everyone. We’re back!


The usual suspects from the Houston creative arts scene (Isiaha Broussard; “Transyltown”, Jessi Jordan; ” Musings”, Meredith Nudo; “Space City Nerd”) assemble once again to talk about the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm in the new Fantastic Four reboot plus TANGENTS!


We lost an amazing actor this week so Jacob decided to do an episode as a sort of eulogy. A little discourse on celebrity deaths and films released posthumously as well as some recommendations on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s best work.

We’re alive! It’s a new year and we’re back from hiatus with a great episode discussing fandoms and radical elements in nerd culture. Jake and Alva are joined by writer Meredith Nudo and artists Jessi Jordan and Isaiah Broussard to discuss what makes some fans go so crazy for their favorite shows. (Just a quick FYI; the compression on the initial recording went haywire so the audio isn’t really up to snuff but the discussion is really amazing. We promise it’ll get better next week)

Guest Info:
Isaiah Broussard Twitter | Jessi Jordan Twitter | Meredith Nudo Twitter


HEY! We’re alive! We met up at a Denny’s to eat fattening breakfast food and talk about the pop culture ramifications of finally seeing Wonder Woman on the big screen! We take down the haters! While eating fried taters! ALL THIS AND MORE THIS WEEK ON POP AND SCHLOCK!


Hey everyone! We’re back with a full length episode! It’s Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter! You wanna know why America is so great? Take a look at this film and find out!


Because I love you people so dearly, here is the “horse stampede” scene that I loved so much, courtesy of youtube;