Episode 019 – One Year Anniversary Special


That’s right folks! Your favorite* pop culture podcast turns one year old this week! Joining us to celebrate and talk about the barren cinematic landscape that was 2014 is our old pal Meredith “Death Harpie” Nudo (@Meredith Nudo on the Twits). Thank you all for listening, we cannot wait to show you what we have in store for 2015!


Episode 018 – Ladies Love Cool Guardians


THE FEMINISTS HAVE THE POLICE BOX! In this week’s episode Alva (@NurseMcHurt) put out the Valkryie warcry and assembled a team of female-type folk to come together and talk about Guardians of the Galaxy and how much they love the butts contained therein! Featuring Annie Bulloch (@TexasAnnie) of 8th Dimension Comics and Meredith “Death Harpie” Nudo (@MeredithNudo) of several government watch-lists, this episode is sure to be a crowd pleaser! #PlayDohForNudo

Episode 017 – Double Dragon (1994)


Oh the glorious golden age of video game to film adaptations that was the early nineties! This week we present a movie that might rival Street Fighter for the most bizarre take on a fighting game movie ever, 1994’s DOUBLE DRAGON!

Episode 016 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)


Jake sits down with his brother John to discuss the new Ninja Turtles reboot. Do these latest versions of the heroes in a half shell have anything new to offer? Place your bets now!