Episode 022 – Social Media and YOU!


Jake, Alva, and Meredith sit down to discuss why some creative types can’t figure out how to not be total idiots on social media and how Twitter and Tumblr can be useful tools for the emerging artist to get their work out to the public. Also Meredith is hoisted by her own petard and Jake is thoroughly pleased.


Episode 021 – Year Two, Good Old Fashioned Fart Jokes


Jake (@ReverendDodd), Alva (@NurseMcHurt), and Meredith (@MeredithNudo) sit down to discuss plans for the upcoming second year of the podcast but get sucked down pop culture rabbit holes and things go really awry when someone springs a natural gas leak.

Episode 020 – Dracula Untold (2014)


October is in full swing and if the memes on Tumblr have taught me anything that means that Halloween is right around the corner, so in the spirit of the spooky season we’ve got a monster-centric episode for you as Jake and his brother take a look at DRACULA UNTOLD, Universal’s latest attempt to revitalize their classic monsters by turning it into a superhero origin story for some reason somebody at the studio might have trouble explaining without using the word “money.”