Episode 026 – Halt and Catch Fire

Every so often we do an episode that involves actual research and, dare I say, a workable thesis. In this week’s episode Alva and Meredith examine the psychological implications behind AMC’s show HALT AND CATCH FIRE, specifically with regards to where on the spectrum of psychpathic tendency Lee Pace’s Joe MacMillan falls. Jake sits in the corner and tries to understand what is going on.


Episode 025 – Interstellar

#WeAreNOTScientists. This week Alva and Meredith return to butt heads with Jake and Tori over Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR, possibly the most divisive movie to be released this year. Full of lively debate and Jake struggling through a sore throat, it’s a landmark twenty-fifth episode!

Episode 024 – Big Hero Disney


Who doesn’t love Disney movies? Apparently nobody, because this past weekend Disney’s BIG HERO SIX made kaboodles of moolah at the box office so Jake brought back his girlfriend and podcast audience fan-favorite Tori to talk about the film and the cultural impact of Disney among moviegoers!

Episode 023 – My Anaconda Dont Want None Unless You Got Gone Girl


Every so often Jake fails spectacularly at something involving technology. This week he failed at recording the skype call that was meant to be the Marvel Phase III podcast episode. Knowing that you couldn’t last a whole week without an episode he sat down with his girlfriend to discuss their recent movie watching escapades. Thus, an episode is born!