Episode 028 – Zero Theorem


The group gathers to talk about Terry Gilliam’s latest effort, ZERO THEOREM. Meredith, in addition to being a terrible human being and waste of space, is a ginormous Monty Python fan and Gilliam apologist so this episode gets pretty good pretty quick.


Episode 027 – Blackhat (2015)


Have you ever wished they would mix the aesthetic of the Miami Vice reboot with the code-wrangling of Hackers? Do you remember the movie The Net? These are questions I have to ask to introduce Michael Mann’s film Blackhat, a film about genius hackers that features very little hacking and a lot of lingering shots on Chris Hemsworth’s forearms (Thor-arms?). Jake, Alva and Meredith take a look at one of the most poorly reviewed movies of 2015…(and it’s only January!)

SchlockTracks 001 : Iron Man (2008)


Did you miss the completely epic SchlockStream 2014 where Jake, Alva, Meredith, and a cadre of guests watched every Marvel movie in release order in under 24 hours? Well if so this should be a happy surprise for you as we have decided to release a select few commentaries as a bonus for our lucky listeners! Up first is 2008’s universe defining IRON MAN! Listen as we talk almost exclusively about things that are NOT Iron Man! Try to hear things Jake’s brother frustratingly says off mic! It’s our first ever SchlockTrack!

Poptart 002: Beginnings and Endings


Alva and Meredith take control of the show for another mini-episode talking about the best endings of the year. Meredith once again makes a total fool of herself, prompting Jake to declare that he will return ahead of schedule next week for a full episode. You’re welcome.