Poptart 003: Isaiah Broussard


This week, Meredith and Alva take time out to shoot the breeze with local artist Isaiah Broussard about his current projects, including his current Kickstarter backed comic with writer David Furr.


Episode 030 – Fifty Shades of Grey


In what must be the most anticipated episode of the show thus far, Jake and his girlfriend Tori discuss at length why 50 Shades of Grey is not the terrible trainwreck of a film everyone expected and discuss whether the way we view critical reception of films needs to change. Also there are at least a few dirty jokes about reaching sexual climax, so don’t listen at work, mmkay? (Spoilers abound, as always)

Episode 029 – Jupiter Ascending

A film that can only be described as out of this world level bonkers, the Wachowski’s JUPITER ASCENDING is so ludicrous and disorganized that it nearly melted our collective brains. We attempt to make some sort of logical sense out of it, but mostly fail miserably. As always, spoiler warnings abound.