Episode 035 – Halt and Catch Fire 2.0 w/ Christina Stewart


Alva and Meredith weren’t joking when they said that they had enough material for a second episode about AMC’s criminally underrated Halt and Catch Fire. Christina “Steenz” Stewart (@oheysteenz), artist of the webcomic Archival Quality (http://archivalcomic.com/) and Nicole, Chibi Ronan’s babysitter, joined them for a spirited discussion about their hopes and dreams for season 2 (which begins on May 31), the show’s handling of queerness, whether or not it’s possible to humanize Joe MacMillan in a way that makes sense to the story so far, and Donna. So much Donna. So. Much. Donna. Jake sat out this episode, partly because he still hasn’t seen it yet and partly because he doesn’t want a horrible, screeching harpy to flutter notes copied from the DSM-5 in his face. That’s how you get papercuts.


Episode 034 – Interview with Gene Ha


Legendary comic book artist and friend of the show Gene Ha (Top 10, Mae) stops by to talk about his new kickstarter, infiltrating the Mormon church to meet Prince, and other assorted tangents that make no more sense in context.

Episode 033 – Daredevil (2015)


Marvel must have some raging Catholic guilt over the cinematic sin that was 2003’s Daredevil so they’ve made their penance with a new Netflix series featuring the “Man without Fear.” How did it turn out? Annie Bulloch of 8th Dimension Comics and Isaiah Broussard of Transyltown join Jake, Alva, and Meredith to talk about the show at length! As always, spoilers abound.