JAWS of Life – How One Film Shaped My Enthusiasm For Storytelling

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I have a deep affinity for a lot of different types of storytelling. I am a teacher of literature, so I appreciate the classics. I have a bit more of an affinity for American literature, but I can still appreciate other bits of writing from around the world. I admit I have my biases as well, as I would rather willingly burn my hand on a hibachi grill than read something by the Bronte sisters. This wide-ranging appreciation for stories reaches beyond literature as well. I didn’t pop out of the womb with an appreciation for the written word, after all. My love of stories is tied to the world of literature and the world of film in equal measure, but certain pieces of cinema have influenced me more than others and my enthusiasm for certain genres and films waxes and wanes depending on my place in life at the time…

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Episode 038 – Jurassic World w/ Fabian Rangel Jr.


The park is open. This week Fabian Rangel Jr. (Space Riders, Doc Unknown) drops by to discuss JURASSIC WORLD, a movie that made everyone in the room want to have Chris Pratt’s raptor babies.

Jurassic World and the Falsehood of Sequels In a Vacuum

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I was six years old, with my seventh birthday on the horizon in a short two months, when Jurassic Park roared its way into theaters on June 11th, 1993. My brother would be turning two that weekend. So much time has passed and yet I can still remember so much about that time of my life with vivid clarity. I remember leaving the theater with a new favorite movie. I remember going to the local Wal-mart, one which I still go to though it has been over-hauled multiple times, and getting every Jurassic Park action figure, vehicle and dinosaur I could get my hands on. I devoured that film. It became almost an obsession. I immediately decided upon a career path that would find me as a paleontologist, digging for bones in the arid Montana desert. I picked up a paperback copy of Michael Crichton’s novel and powered my way…

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Episode 037 – Mad Max : Fury Road w/ Casey Gilly


Every so often a movie comes around and it redefines the word “masterpiece.” George Miller’s MAD MAX FURY ROAD does just that with the careful infusion of character development, phenomenal set pieces, and a guitar that shoots flames. Casey Gilly from Comic Book Resources drops by to discuss the wasteland with us and we all come away feeling a little better about the prospect of the world going a little mad.

Episode 036 – Avengers : Age of Ultron w/ Special Guest Jacob Sehman

BruTasha 5ever!!!! The Pop and Schlock crew gather around the microphone campfire to talk about Age of Ultron and they’ve invited someone who might actually know a little about the subject. Jacob (@SaxonJacob) Semahn is a writer for Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man as well as the Image Comics series GONERS and he graciously came on the show to discuss what the film got right, what it got wrong, and so much more. Enjoy!