JAWS of Life – How One Film Shaped My Enthusiasm For Storytelling

The J. Goodson Blog


I have a deep affinity for a lot of different types of storytelling. I am a teacher of literature, so I appreciate the classics. I have a bit more of an affinity for American literature, but I can still appreciate other bits of writing from around the world. I admit I have my biases as well, as I would rather willingly burn my hand on a hibachi grill than read something by the Bronte sisters. This wide-ranging appreciation for stories reaches beyond literature as well. I didn’t pop out of the womb with an appreciation for the written word, after all. My love of stories is tied to the world of literature and the world of film in equal measure, but certain pieces of cinema have influenced me more than others and my enthusiasm for certain genres and films waxes and wanes depending on my place in life at the time…

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