Episode 044 – Mailbag Mini


Jake gets together with “Alva” and “Meredith” to read fan-mail and things, as expected, devolve largely into chaos. You could even say that Jake goes postal.



Episode 043 – Fantastic Four (2015) w/ Andrew from GOD HATES COMICS


Jake and Alva invite Andrew from the GOD HATES COMICS podcast on to discuss what may very well be the single biggest comic book movie flop of the century; FANTASTIC FOUR. What went wrong? Did anything go right? With Meredith not in studio do we avoid talking about Halt and Catch Fire? Did racism win? Where are my pants? Find out this week, on Pop and Schlock!

Episode 042 – Predestination


From the depths of the P&S vaults it’s one of the mythical lost episodes! Marvel as Alva and Meredith run free without the benefit of Jake’s leadership to discuss PREDESTINATION (now available on home video!) and make terrible Chibi Ronan jokes until the cows come home.

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