What The Hell Is This?

The Pop and Schlock podcast has been many things since its inception in 2013. The first season of the show (roughly the first 44 episodes) began as an exercise in examining the merit of both obscure, low-budget fiascos and pop culture juggernauts. It quickly devolved into a series of in-jokes and other ill-structured chicanery.

Season two began with a renewed mission statement focusing on arguing a thesis about a piece of media and dissecting it from the inside out.

Show Twitter: @PopSchlockPod
Show Tumblr: PopAndSchlock
Show Facebook:Pop and Schlock Online

Our Hosts:

8e272c_b4528cdf96c14d36a3886d32f50bf9b5Jake (Writer/Blogger/Time Waster)

Author of a couple of books nobody has read (A Dark Tomorrow [2009], The Song Before Nightfall [2011], Grave Danger [2012], and One Fate for Failure [2015]), our fearless leader Jake came up with the idea for the Pop And Schlock Podcast while listening to other, better podcasts one day and realizing that he too could talk about random subjects for an indeterminate length of time and set out to create a show that covered the topics he felt comfortable speaking about without coming off as a total idiot.

Failing miserably, the Pop and Schlock Podcast was formed when his future co-host pulled a catalog for bootlegged European cinema from the depths of a drawer at the comic book store where they both worked. Picking apart bad movies on a weekly basis and recording their thoughts sounded like a good enough idea for Jake, whose standards for most things that aren’t the cut of a steak are incredibly low. You can blame him for most of this.

Jake’s Twitter: @ReverendDodd

Jake’s Tumblr: Am I Writer Wrong

8e272c_cf5ae644505b41a18d87d77582e7a5d2Alva (Comic Shop Valkyrie)

Alva is a girl who spent several years of her life working in a comic book store and is pretty tired of your shit. She knows a thing or two about cats and also anime. She probably agreed to be the co-host of this thing out of pity, or maybe because she thought Jake would supply her with the alcohol necessary to endure some of these movies. Jake has yet to pay for any booze. Lousy cheapskate. He’s a writer for crying out loud, those folks are rolling in liquor and he can’t spare a lousy tumbler of Crown Royal? This is why everyone hates white people.

Alva is the audience favorite despite saying the least on the show and we’re pretty sure that’s the reason why. The other two make a living trying to see who can be the worst at everything (even though it will always be Meredith). What we’re trying to say is that Alva is the least problematic of the trio which is like being the Stormtrooper with the best aim, but in this world one must always choose the lesser of two three evils.

Alva’s Twitter: @NurseMcHurt 

Alva’s Tumblr:  NurseMcHurt



Actor Portrayal, Not Actual Meredith

Meredith (The Third Wheel)

We’ll update this when she grows an actually personality. Natch.


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