Pop and Schlock LIVE on KPFT – Episode I – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of 2017


For the closing moments of the show, they made into the opening of the next hour’s programming:

Hola amigos! This is the very first episode of Pop and Schlock LIVE on KPFT. Their website can be a little hard to navigate and find new shows so I wanted to ensure that our fans have a chance to listen to the broadcast.

We want to again thank Don Freeman and everyone at KPFT for giving us this platform. We hope to continue to grow and improve as time goes on.

  • Please note the beginning of the broadcast includes the final moments of our lead-in show “Sembrando Voces Asamblea Popular Houston.” Our show kicks in at right around the 4:00 minute mark.

Pop and Schlock Returns!

The J. Goodson Blog


Back in 2013 I had this wild idea to start a podcast. I thought it might be fun to get together with a friend and discuss and dissect terrible movies and pop culture. Over the next three years it evolved and shifted into something much more intricate than that. We had guests from all over the country coming in to talk about different aspects of pop culture and media and while I loved doing it, circumstances in each of the hosts’ lives meant that production had to shut down around the tail end of 2016.

Today I am proud to officially announce the return of the show. But things have evolved further still, and now what started as a discussion taped through an iPhone speaker will be a full-fledged live radio show on KPFT 90.1 Houston Public Radio. We are part of a digital streaming initiative that they are trying…

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Dodd’s Best Films of 2017

Jake talks about stuff he liked for once.

The J. Goodson Blog

I love a good listicle. Don’t you? If you don’t, you’re probably lying and trying to hastily close that tab containing Buzzfeed’s “Top 25 Pictures of Mashed Potatoes that Look Like Taylor Swift.”

So I’m gonna do that thing I do where I tell you stuff I liked from this year, and you’re probably going to disagree with me. Feel free to slag off on me in the comments.

TOP FILMS of 2017:

I won’t order these, but these are my faves from 2017. They shift up and down depending on my mood and the rising of the tide.

john-wick-chapter-2-2017John Wick Chapter 2
WORLD. BUILDING. I don’t think I have ever been so thoroughly impressed by the escalation of storytelling and mythos in a film franchise as I was with Chapter Two of JOHN WICK. Yeah, I’m thinkin’ he’s back…with a meticulously developed exercise in world-building and narrative invention the…

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Official Release – Pop & Schlock Podcast Returns in 2018

Greetings and salutations!

In June of 2016, Pop and Schlock Podcast went dark. It wasn’t exactly planned, and it wasn’t exactly expected, but it happened. Now, in the winter of 2017, plans have been enacted to ensure its return. The format it will take is likely to be somewhat different than the last aired episode from “season two.”

Author J. Goodson Dodd, more commonly referred to as “Jake” on the show, will return as the primary host. His support structure this time around will be further elaborated on when the first show airs. Expect news regarding that to hit very, very soon.

All of the previous episodes will remain available, but what comes next will not require any knowledge of what came before. The primary goal of the revival will be to make the show more accessible, of better quality, and more consistent across the board.

Be sure to follow @PopSchlockPod on Twitter for updates.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Season 2 Episode 16 – Warcraft and Other Tangents


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We tried to have a legitimate discussion about Warcraft but it quickly devolved into a maelstrom of insanity including a dramatic reading of dirty fanfiction and ballads about Orlando Bloom performed on a busted Mandolin. *Warning – explicit content