Episode 044 – Mailbag Mini


Jake gets together with “Alva” and “Meredith” to read fan-mail and things, as expected, devolve largely into chaos. You could even say that Jake goes postal.



Episode 043 – Fantastic Four (2015) w/ Andrew from GOD HATES COMICS


Jake and Alva invite Andrew from the GOD HATES COMICS podcast on to discuss what may very well be the single biggest comic book movie flop of the century; FANTASTIC FOUR. What went wrong? Did anything go right? With Meredith not in studio do we avoid talking about Halt and Catch Fire? Did racism win? Where are my pants? Find out this week, on Pop and Schlock!

Episode 042 – Predestination


From the depths of the P&S vaults it’s one of the mythical lost episodes! Marvel as Alva and Meredith run free without the benefit of Jake’s leadership to discuss PREDESTINATION (now available on home video!) and make terrible Chibi Ronan jokes until the cows come home.

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Episode 041 : Ant-Man w/ Jacob Semahn

Marvel's Ant-Man Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd)  Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal © Marvel 2014 Goners and Avengers Assemble scribe Jacob (@SaxonJacob) Semahn returns to talk Marvel’s Ant-Man with the Pop and Schlock crew. Tangents are explored and we play “Which-Heroine-Does-Marvel-Think-Is-Important-And-Why” in this week’s thrilling episode.

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Episode 040 – San Diego Genysis


That feel when you try to sit down to talk about Terminator Genisys and spend 35 minutes rambling about comic-con and the various ways that God has tried to make it clear that Meredith wasn’t supposed to live past childhood. We talk Batman v . Superman, Suicide Squad, Orlando Bloom (of course), Hannibal, Halt & Catch Fire (obviously) as well as Terminator Genysis all in this week’s thrilling Pop and Schlock Podcast!

Episode 039 – Magic Mike XXL w/ Sarah and Cassi’s Nerdy Adventure

Guess what, guys? Jake got Arkham Knight on PS4 and doesn’t really have a whole lot of time for anything else right now. So Alva and Meredith teamed up with the people from Sarah and Cassi’s Nerdy Adventure (@NerdyAdventure) to see Magic Mike XXL because Jake didn’t want to be anywhere near a room where Meredith is talking about male strippers. He hasn’t listened to the episode but he’s sure there’s something thirsty about Lee Pace in there somewhere. Enjoy!

Episode 038 – Jurassic World w/ Fabian Rangel Jr.


The park is open. This week Fabian Rangel Jr. (Space Riders, Doc Unknown) drops by to discuss JURASSIC WORLD, a movie that made everyone in the room want to have Chris Pratt’s raptor babies.