F##k Yeah, Bible Violence – Coming 2018

The relaunch is not going to have to look far for subject matter.

Case in point?

This hot nonsense.


Official Release – Pop & Schlock Podcast Returns in 2018

Greetings and salutations!

In June of 2016, Pop and Schlock Podcast went dark. It wasn’t exactly planned, and it wasn’t exactly expected, but it happened. Now, in the winter of 2017, plans have been enacted to ensure its return. The format it will take is likely to be somewhat different than the last aired episode from “season two.”

Author J. Goodson Dodd, more commonly referred to as “Jake” on the show, will return as the primary host. His support structure this time around will be further elaborated on when the first show airs. Expect news regarding that to hit very, very soon.

All of the previous episodes will remain available, but what comes next will not require any knowledge of what came before. The primary goal of the revival will be to make the show more accessible, of better quality, and more consistent across the board.

Be sure to follow @PopSchlockPod on Twitter for updates.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Pop and Schlock Season Two Coming Soon


Hey everyone! You may have noticed we’ve been somewhat dormant these last four months. There has been a reason for that. Canonically speaking, it’s because Jake shot Meredith in the throat in episode 44. But we’ll get to that in a little bit.

The real reason is simply that our favorite hosts have been going through some major life changes. Jake went off and published a book (you can grab it on Kindle here), Alva made some professional transitions with her work schedule, and Meredith started taking improv classes to fix her terrible comedic timing.

Basically, scheduling everyone to sit down and talk about movies on a weekly basis became problematic and thematically the show needed to take a pit stop.

So here we are.

Old listeners will be glad to hear that the show is coming back this month. People who tried to listen but didn’t understand the dynamic and didn’t want to sit through over thirty hours of in-jokes to understand the latest episode will be pleased to hear that this will be a great jumping on point.

We’ll have Episode 2×01 up very, very soon. We hope you enjoy it.