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We here at Pop and Schlock would like to thank KPFT for their support and as such we are reaching out to our listeners to let them know about their spring 2018 fund drive.

The station’s staff, volunteers, and contributors are all getting ready for a spectacular 48th year at KPFT — and we appreciate all the help we can get! Our Spring Fund Drive begins today, and our beautiful phone banking team is ready to take your donations. It’s been a wild time here. The entire country has gone through some huge changes and faces many challenges ahead, and KPFT is no exception. Our strategy in the face of change is simple:

  • Adapt while holding true to our mission
  • Welcome our community’s voices, thoughts, and feedback

And even in the face of these changes, life at KPFT is buzzing. Musicians swing by the station with their keyboards and guitars to play live, in-studio sets. Underdog political candidates visit the station for the chance to communicate their messages on the people’s stage. And the hosts of your favorite shows put in the research and prep time to bring you content you might not find anywhere else. They do it all for the chance to speak to you, our loyal listener.

Thank you for your attention and support over these many years!

— Your friends and family at KPFT



This Week On Pop and Schlock LIVE…


The science-fiction analysis train continues here at Pop and Schlock LIVE as Jake and Meredith sit down this week to discuss Annihilation, the new film by Ex Machina director Alex Garland. The film is an adaptation of the 2014 novel by Jeff Vandermeer and has been one of Jake’s most anticipated of the year. He called the original novel “heady, dense, and magnetically poetic.” Did it live up to his expectations?

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This Week On Pop and Schlock LIVE…


This week on Pop and Schlock LIVE, we will be talking about what may be the most buzz-worthy film of the year; BLACK PANTHER!

Even more exciting, we will have special guests in the studio with us to help guide the conversation. Leading the charge is noted Black Panther enthusiast and friend of the show ISAIAH BROUSSARD.

Isaiah Broussard is an independent cartoonist from Houston, Texas. His work, “Crackers & White Wine” was named Houston’s best political webcomic by Houston Press. He also creates the comic all-ages comedy/horror comic “Transyltown” and is the illustrator of the wacky superhero/adventure comic “Help Wanted!” and the manga/anime inspired “Fight School High School”. He is currently crafting an afro-futurist sci-fi short story called “The Funktastic Adventure.”

You can find Isaiah’s work at the links listed below. Be sure to tune in at 8PM Central on KPFT HD 3 this Thursday, 2/22 and if you have any questions or comments you would like addressed on the show please feel free to leave them on this post or email PopAndSchlockPod@Gmail.Com.

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Crackers & White Wine


This Week On Pop and Schlock LIVE…


At Pop and Schlock, we love sci-fi. We think it is one of the driving forces of great fiction stories. But what makes for truly great sci-fi? Is there one unifying element that must be present when working within the genre? How does tone affect theme and vice versa?

Check out this week’s episode to hear our thoughts! Also, feel free to leave a comment below and we can mention it on the show! AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT ENGAGED!


F##k Yeah, Bible Violence – Coming 2018

The relaunch is not going to have to look far for subject matter.

Case in point?

This hot nonsense.


Official Release – Pop & Schlock Podcast Returns in 2018

Greetings and salutations!

In June of 2016, Pop and Schlock Podcast went dark. It wasn’t exactly planned, and it wasn’t exactly expected, but it happened. Now, in the winter of 2017, plans have been enacted to ensure its return. The format it will take is likely to be somewhat different than the last aired episode from “season two.”

Author J. Goodson Dodd, more commonly referred to as “Jake” on the show, will return as the primary host. His support structure this time around will be further elaborated on when the first show airs. Expect news regarding that to hit very, very soon.

All of the previous episodes will remain available, but what comes next will not require any knowledge of what came before. The primary goal of the revival will be to make the show more accessible, of better quality, and more consistent across the board.

Be sure to follow @PopSchlockPod on Twitter for updates.

We hope you enjoy the show.


Are You Ready For It?