Season 2 Episode 2 -Alan Rickman


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On January 14th we lost one of the finest actors of our age in Alan Rickman. Depending on your age group and entertainment proclivities, your connection to Alan Rickman could be from anything from Die Hard to Harry Potter or anything in between. In remembrance of Mr. Rickman’s career we sat down to watch one of his most well-known roles, that of the Sheriff of Nottingham in the 1991 film Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves. Suffice to say, Alan Rickman was the only memorable part of that film.

As promised, below are the links to some of the action-figure tie ins to the film, some of which were simply re purposed Ewok village toys from Return of the Jedi doubling for Sherwood Forest.

Also, here’s the music video for that god awful Bryan Adams song that was everywhere in 1991.