Season 2 Episode 10 – Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice


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Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice may very well be the biggest maelstrom of mashed tone and style over substance film-making that the world will witness for the foreseeable future. So of course the gang sat down to deconstruct it from the bottom up and attempt to make heads or tails of the whole thing. Vulgarity and massive spoilers follow.


Crying for Criticism – Examining Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice

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Film is a medium that is ruled by the sum of its parts. This is why it is possible to enjoy a film when certain elements falter in the eyes of the viewer. It is a function of the medium itself that a film can overcome the under-performance of its own elements to be viewed as a success by the audience. This is an understanding that most lovers of film will readily acknowledge when discussing the art form. It is a reason why viewers are apt to have so-called “guilty pleasures” wherein some element of an otherwise disposable piece of entertainment overpowers its combined negative elements to provide enjoyment to the person watching. There is nothing wrong with being the dissenting opinion. There is nothing wrong with believing that a film has merit that others do not see. However, in the wake of the release of mega-blockbuster Batman v Superman…

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