This Week On Pop and Schlock LIVE…


This week on Pop and Schlock LIVE, we will be talking about what may be the most buzz-worthy film of the year; BLACK PANTHER!

Even more exciting, we will have special guests in the studio with us to help guide the conversation. Leading the charge is noted Black Panther enthusiast and friend of the show ISAIAH BROUSSARD.

Isaiah Broussard is an independent cartoonist from Houston, Texas. His work, “Crackers & White Wine” was named Houston’s best political webcomic by Houston Press. He also creates the comic all-ages comedy/horror comic “Transyltown” and is the illustrator of the wacky superhero/adventure comic “Help Wanted!” and the manga/anime inspired “Fight School High School”. He is currently crafting an afro-futurist sci-fi short story called “The Funktastic Adventure.”

You can find Isaiah’s work at the links listed below. Be sure to tune in at 8PM Central on KPFT HD 3 this Thursday, 2/22 and if you have any questions or comments you would like addressed on the show please feel free to leave them on this post or email PopAndSchlockPod@Gmail.Com.

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Crackers & White Wine


This Week On Pop and Schlock LIVE…


At Pop and Schlock, we love sci-fi. We think it is one of the driving forces of great fiction stories. But what makes for truly great sci-fi? Is there one unifying element that must be present when working within the genre? How does tone affect theme and vice versa?

Check out this week’s episode to hear our thoughts! Also, feel free to leave a comment below and we can mention it on the show! AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT ENGAGED!

Pop and Schlock LIVE on KPFT – Episode III – The Polka King


Greetings and salutations! This week we sat down to talk about Jack Black’s The Polka King, now streaming on Netflix. Is it better to judge a film based on its merit or how well it serves the history it is adapting? Should Jake have just given up on credibility and done morning radio instead of whatever nonsense this is? Why did ska go away?

Listen to find out!

Pop and Schlock LIVE on KPFT – Episode II – Proud Mary


“These Boots Were Made For Walkin’ (and shootin’ and complementing the rest of my all-black wardrobe…)

Its Friday and that means the archived version of last night’s live show is now available courtesy of the fine folks over at KPFT. This week we sat down to talk about the film Proud Mary and why diversity in media is such an important concept. We also discuss the merits of workmanship in delivering upon expectations when walking into a film, and Jake manages to turn everything into a discussion about The Last Jedi. (Not really, but sorta.)


Season 2 Episode 16 – Warcraft and Other Tangents


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We tried to have a legitimate discussion about Warcraft but it quickly devolved into a maelstrom of insanity including a dramatic reading of dirty fanfiction and ballads about Orlando Bloom performed on a busted Mandolin. *Warning – explicit content

Season 2 Episode 14 – What’s New Pussycat (Keanu) and Other Assorted Tangents


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2/3 of the group saw Keanu. Less than 2/3 of this podcast deals with that film. The rest is tangents. Glorious, unbridled tangents. Enjoy the crap out of them.